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I just upgraded to the new version of Ayanova and as detailed in your know issues - The customized fields need to be adjusted and changed to RichText Boxes. Unfortunatley - The ability to centre text, align left and right etc is greyed out? Am I missing something in the new format as I need that formatting ability?


I am not able to determine exactly what you are referring to.

Please export and zip up a copy of the report template that has the RichText field in it and attach it, identify what field you have selected by its [Name], and identify what is the exact property field(s) you are referring to so that I can see exactly what you are referring to.

  • Joyce

?? I do not understand why you are not understanding. I thought it was pretty clear. In the new version, you have to use “RICHTEXT” boxes to combine text. The “RICHTEXT” boxes do not have the ability to centre test or right justify or left justify etc.

Hi again

I do not understand is where you said that “The ability to centre text, align left and right etc is greyed out” - I’m not seeing those property fields at all, let along grayed out, when I select a RichText field, therefore if you provide a copy of your report template and exactly what you are doing, then I can understand and see what you are seeing and then go from there.

  • Joyce

Go into Report Designer - From the toolbox, insert a “RichText” box onto the form. In the top of the screen where you select front, font size, bold etc - The boxes for centering text, aligning it right etc - They are greyed out and a “RICHTEXT” box can only be left justified.

I’ve included a screenshot of exactly what I am seeing - I have placed a RichText field, it is selected, in the Properties tab there is no TextAlignment property and I do not see fields that are grayed out.

Please identify exactly what propertyfields you are referring to.

Hi again

To use a RichText field, you actually format a rtf document, and then load that file into the RichText field - the formating comes from the rtf document itself.

I still do not know where you see grayed out fields - but hopefully this will put you on the right track of how to use the RichText field.

  • Joyce

Thank you - That is what I needed to know - How to format it.