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i am trying to modify the workorder with totals and i cannot seem to get rid of the taxes i remove the box in the report i also set the default tax codes to a new tax code that i created for 0% and set all the defaults to this tax code but the line totals still use the taxes and add taxes to the line what do i need to change in the report to reflect the new tax at 0% thanks


As requested in previous correspondence with you, it is not possible for me to identfiy exactly what you have done and are trying to do unless you provide a copy of your customized report template along with details on the issue and what you are attempting to do, and what you have done

Also, identfiy by the label name in the report and the band it is in, which fields you are referring to so that I can ensure I am identfiying exactly what you are referring to

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can you tell me how to stop the tax frombeing calculated on the line totals on the sample “detailed service workorder with totals”, that you provide. i am not using taxes on any reportsmy accountingdept does that, although i set all the global defaults to 0% taxcode which i setup, and set all theother tax codes to inactive.the report stillcalculates taxes on all the lines. i have read the tutorials and cannot seem to remove the taxes from the report totals. detailreportitemlabor is just one of the ones i want to stop calculating tax iwant to remove it fromall sections of the report. can you just tell me how to change how the line totalis calculated so i can remove the tax from being calculated.

thanks ’

I’m not sure what aspect of removing the fields from the report template you are having an issue with?

To remove an existing field - click on it to select it, and delete (use your keyboard Delete button, or right-click and select Delete).

If there is something specific you would like help with, I must have specifics too please. This is frustrating for me as it is for you that without details and specifics and a copy of the report template you are referring to, I do not know what exactly you are getting at and unforutantely can not provide a possible solution or suggestion.

It is stated in this forum for support with report templates to provide a copy of the report template, specifics on the fields you are customizing and the band in, and what your results are, and what the results you actually want to happen. I do encourage you to provide these details so that I can help.

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