toMSSQL not displaying dialog

When I run toMSSQL it starts a process called DW20.exe which eventually disappears. The dialog box in the instructions does not appear.

I have Ayanova 3.2.5 installed and MSSQL Express installed (no firebird server), and downloaded toMSSQL 3.2.0 on Windows 2003 Server Standard R2.

DW20.exe is a MS Office 2003 Application Error Reporting client.

AyaNova doesn’t have anything to do with Microsoft Office - so somehow its hitching a ride for some reason I would say.

First suggestion:

Open Windows Explorer and delete all files in all TEMP directories

C:\Documents & Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp
C:\Documents & Settings\Default User\Local Settings\Temp
C:\Documents & Settings\any user name\Local Settings\Temp
temporary internet files as well
Reboot the computer and log back in

Run ToMSSQL.exe again

Second suggestion:

Run a complete anti-virus scan and a complete malware / spyware scan on this computer

Third suggestion:

Do a complete search on your computer for DW20.exe

On all files you find, note the path location, right-click and check the Properties such as modified date, version, etc and compare with what MS Office states this file should be

Forth suggestion:

Disable DW20.exe from running, as it may be preventing ToMSSQL.exe from running, or it may be preventing the actual error ToMSSQL.exe is trying to provide to identfiy why it can not run.

Here’s Microsoft topic on how to disable DW20;en-us;841477

Fifth suggestion:

Double-check your AyaNova and ToMSSQL installation

Does AyaNova 3 run correctly?

Is ToMSSQL.exe installed to the same directory where AyaNova 3 program files are?

Do post here your results for the benefit of other AyaNova users, and let me know which of the above helped troubleshoot why this is occurring

  • Joyce

Hi again Clark

Were you able to perform the above suggestions for troubleshooting?

Did you determine the issue and if so, what was it - could you post here for the benefit of other AyaNova users?

Or if still experiencing an issue, can you let me know of the above suggestions that you have done, and we can do additional troubleshooting?

  • Joyce

Thanks for your quick response, being in Australia I will only get a chance today to run through your suggestions, I will post the results.

Hi again Clark

Let me know the results. I did a search on for getting the error with DW20.exe you received, there were lots of incidents where this comes up and it would be interesting to know which of the above (deleting temp files, or possiblly malware, or disabling DW20, etc) results in identfiying what is the issue.

  • Joyce

Finally Windows Server gave some feedback, after trying 10 or 15 times I received a request to send through a report to microsoft, for a System.IO.FileNotFoundException related to toMSSQL.

I have Ayanova 3.2.5 installed and it works fine.

I have .NET 2.0 installed.

I have toMSSQL in the C:\Program Files\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNova 3 directory

Now to find out which file is missing.

Hi Clark
Have been able to recreate the error you received, and have provided a new version of the downloadable from to address it.

Delete your existing ToMSSQL.exe you have in the C:\Program Files\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNova 3 directory
Download the latest
Extract to C:\Program Files\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNova 3 directory
Edit configuration strings as needed

Let me know this now works.

  • Joyce