Trying to modify firebird database

I am following the directions on how to modify the status of a workorder. I installed the SQL 2008 Manager for Firebird. I connected successfully. I copied the AID’s for the ‘closed’ and ‘waiting for parts’ from the WorkOrderStatus table to notepad. I am trying to paste the AID into the WorkOrderStatusId, but for some reason it will only allow me toenter 29 characters max. Any idea why this would be cutting the ID short? Here is the reference post

Hi Bleu

I have recreated the same issue using SQL Manager 2008 for Firebird. Not sure why this is occuring.

Do note if the same steps are done with SQL Manager 2005 for Firebird, there is no issue editing the field.

I’ve been searching online to see if this is a known issue or if there is a fix for it or its because of some obscure setting in SQL Manager 2008, but no luck yet. I have an question into EMS SQL Manager about this issue, and when I hear back from them, I will certainly post and let you know too.

  • Joyce

Hi again Bleu, determined what the issue is with that SQL Manager 2008 program.
Do the following:

In SQL Manager 2008 for Firebird, right-click on the AyaNova database in the Databases window
Select Database Registration Info…
Edit the field Charset so instead of it being UNICODE_FSS, instead select UTF8
Now you can edit the guid field AWORKORDERSTATUSID
Let me know you got this.

  • Joyce

That worked. One other question. In the ASERVICENUMBER column, the workorder number I am trying to change the status of ‘Waiting for parts’ to ‘Workorder closed’ does not appear. I am searching for workorder 72, but there is no 72. In fact the workorder numbers don’t seem to reflect what I have in Ayanova. Ayanova has workorders 40-72 (skipping a few here and there for a total of 14 workorders). In the WORKORDERSERVICE table, under the ASERVICENUMBER column, it shows workorders 44-111 (again skipping some, but also totaling 14). Am I doing something wrong?

Perhaps you are not viewing via EMS the same AyaNova database you access via the AyaNova program. Or you are viewing a different table. What is in the database is what shows via the AyaNova program.

I would recommend double-checking yourself what you are doing.

  • Joyce

You were correct. There were multiple ayanova.fdb files, and I was connected to the wrong one. After pointing to the correct one, I was able to successfully modify the workorder status. Thanks for your help.