Unfinished jobs on schedule

At end of day, sometimes I do not get to finish all scheduled jobs - it would be nice if those unfinished jobs’moved ahead’ to next day - maybe tagged as incomplete…

Hi and thank you for posting your feature suggestion.

As noted on the Wish List forum, we may not personally respond to all suggestions but the Wish List forum will be reviewed during product development and great ideas will be short-listed for future development.

As an AyaNova service workorder maintains the Scheduled Users original scheduled start and stop date even after service is performed for historical information, let’s post some ideas on what would be the determining factor for AyaNova to determine if a job is unfinished or not?

Would AyaNova scan each workorder item and confirm there is a corresponding Labor item entered for every Scheduled User row in the workorder Item?

And if no corresponding Labor item for every Scheduled User item, would AyaNova automatically move the date and time forward 24 hours for the Scheduled User?

But than there would not be a historical information of when the workorder item was supposed to be originally scheduled for.

And that would also have AyaNova assume the user should be scheduled the same time just 24 hours ahead.

I’m thinking displaying the service workorders that are not set to Service Completed, or not set to a Workorder Status would display those that need to be rescheduled as they were not completed.

We do have the Close By Date: field in the service workorder, where with event notification, you can have it notify you if the service workorder has not yet been set to Closed by the time that Close By Date: occurs

Or you could filter the service workorders to display by both the Closed By Date: and the Service Completed date - to show service workorders that are not yet set to Service Completed

Or you could have a Workorder Status of perhaps Scheduled and when service is completed, this Workorder Status is set to something else - filter to show workorders that are set to Scheduled along so you can see at a glance via the Service Date if they need to be rescheduled.

I do invite others and yourself to also post in reply to this topic for ways this could be done that would not adversely affect entered information.

  • Joyce

I am also interested in this feature…stuff happens!

The most logical option that I can think of is to have a check box for incomplete (Right by the Service Completed Box) that would:

-change the status (See number 3)
-Send a reminder tothe person that was scheduled along with the scheduler/manager
-go into an incomplete “queue” to be rescheduled (Auto-create another entryunder Workorder Items using all the original entries except with incomplete as Workorder Status)

Thanks for the opportunity to “wish”!