Unhandled Exception

I just setup a new workstation on the network. We have Ayanova v3.2.6.0 on a Server with Firebird SQL. When I try to close a work order on the new PC, I get an error message in a seperate window which is very long. It starts with “Unhandled Exception: Error encountered while serializing data into stream [] System.ApplicationException”

What should I do? I did install .Net Framework v2.0 on the new PC.


Please always provide the full text of any error messages.

Please provide the following:
-Log into AyaNova as you normally do under your name, select menu Help -> About AyaNova -> copy all text to a NotePad document, save and attach to your forum topic reply.
-Perform the exact same steps you did previously to get the error - and identify what exact steps were done from the time of opening the workorder
-open the exact same workorder,now do you immediately select the Closed checkbox without editing or changing anything?
-If not, identify exactly what was edited and how
-when you get the error message, copy all text to a NotePad document, save and attach to your forum topic reply
-Now log in as the AyaNova Administrator, and perform the exact same steps you had done previously up to closing this workorder
-Does this workorder close successfully when logged in as the AyaNova Administrator?

  • Joyce

Received additional information from the AyaNova user that identfied it as being a result of not all Windows service patches having been installed.

Perform Windows Update on your computer and make sure the operating system has all service patches and Windows updates applied before installing AyaNova.

Make sure you reboot the computer, log back into the computer, log into AyaNova and check to see if you are still getting the error message.

If you continue to get an error, than provide the information requested in the previous reply.

  • Joyce