WBI requires license for evaluation?

I have installed WBI and it is working up to the login screen but it reports “A license is required to use AyaNova WBI”.

Do I need an evaluation license or should it just work for 30 days?

Hi Clark
If using the trial AyaNova v3 database, yes, WBI will also be accessible for the number of days of your trial which is a total of 30 days

If you are presently licensed only for AyaNova v3 schedulable users, no, your license won’t also include WBI access.

You can see what you are presently licensed for by logging into AyaNova as the Administrator, select menu Help -> License

If you are presently licensed for only AyaNova v3 schedulable users and you would like to now trial WBI, provide the following:

Log into AyaNova as the Administrator
Select menu Help -> License
Highlight all text and copy
Paste into a direct email to support@ayanova.com requesting a 30 day trial of WBI
We will than send a 30 day temporary keycode for your existing license(s) and for WBI so that you can trial WBI
If you determine WBI does not meet your needs, have the registered email address contact support@ayanova.com before the 30 days expire to receive a new replacement keycode for the original purchased licenses
If you have not presently purchased AyaNova nor WBI (nor QBI), and you would like to fully test out AyaNova and WBI (and QBI if applicable), send via email to support@ayanova.com the following:

Your company name
Your company full address and contact information
Your full name
Your web URL if you have one
Number of AyaNova v3 schedulable users to be licensed for
This information can also be found on the FAQ Answers web page for the question Can I get a “full” trial?

  • Joyce