*Wiki feature of embedding docs in database now in AyaNova 5*


Is it possible for all the attached documents to be copied into a folder within the Database.

ie:C:\Program Files\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNova 3 BETA\Documents\

Currently it creates a link to the file. If for whatever reason the file name changes the link is useless. This would also help with the backup process as all a user will needs to do is backup the one folder and all the attachments will also be backed up.



Hello Ian

We have moved this topic to the Wish List forum as your topic would be a suggestion.

Suggestions are requests for changes in design or behavior of software, such asyou can see that the software is working as designed, but you’d like better or different functionality.

Thank you for your posting. This could massively bloat the database, and cause issues with speed - which is the main reason why we provided links for the document attachment rather than saved directly in the database itself.

But I do see where you are coming from, and we will look into this again for a future release

Just a heads up - one of the many new features coming in AyaNova 5 is the ability to upload/embed files directly into the AyaNova database for each object so that the files are available regardless of the drive mappings or file sharing of networked users. These uploaded files will also be made available via WBI too.

  • Joyce