Work Order - Printing Date/Time

I have customized my printed work order and one field has the following:

private void OnBeforePrint(object sender, System.Drawing.Printing.PrintEventArgs e)
xrScheduled.Text = string.Format(“{0}: {1}”, (“Scheduled”), GetCurrentColumnValue(“LT_WorkorderService_Label_ServiceDate”));

Works great but - When using this, you do not have the option to specify text formatting as I want the time date displayed as M/dd/yyyy hh:mm tt

I am not a programmer or script writer so I am not sure where to even begin adding that into the script. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Please export a copy of your report template that you are customizing, zip it up using WinZip and attach to your reply, identify the exact field you are referring to in the report template (i.e from the (Name) Property field) and I can take a look tomorrow as to what field and what report template you are referring to and can at that time make a suggestion.

I will also move this topic to the AyaNova v3 Printing & Report Templates section at that time too - as that is the forum section where you will find additional sample report templates plus other topics posted regarding printing and report templates.

  • Joyce

Hi again

As above, do attach a copy of the report template as well as identifying the precise field referring to in the report template.

I’ve also moved this to the Printing & Report Templates section of the forum.

  • Joyce

Why do you need the report - All I need is the correct syntax to format the date/time within the script. Is that possible?

Than I can see the way it is being used and provide a possible solution.

Attach the report template and I can take a look.

  • Joyce