Customizing client display


Is it possible to change the columns displayed when a client logs in to the WBI?



If referring to whether Wiki link displays or not in the Workorder grid when clients log in via WBI, yes - set as per #5 of

All other columns are preset to display always and no, can not be changed.

Perhaps if I knew which columns, and why you do not want these to be displayed, I could make a suggestion.

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We would like to display more information, such as workorder status, project, unit model. As it stands the client is pretty useless for our needs, and we are even unable to click on the workorder number to get additional details.

Is this something we could change in code?


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All that information can be displayed in the workorder report your client can view regarding that workorder.

If your client is unable to open a workorder report via the Client WBI, it may be that you have not yet set up all the components of the client WBI access such as setting the specific report template to use, or setting the security rights.
I would recommend reviewing and confirming each of the configuration steps starting

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