If unable to login via WBI when using IE10 Internet Explorer 10......


Issue you may encounter:

Attempting to log in via WBI
Enter in your known correct username and password, press the OK, but the WBI login returns both login name and password field blank without logging in


Are you using IE10 Internet Explorer 10?
Confirm if you instead bring up your WBI on a different browser and version (such as IE8 or Firefox or Chrome) that you can successfully log in.

If so, that may indicate that your server requires a hotfix KB2600088 for your Microsoft.NET Framework 4
Request the hotfix via http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2600088
Download, apply and don’t forget to reboot!


I have a user that was just upgraded to IE 11, and can no longer access WBI. Are there similar issues with IE 11?


We are not aware of any specific issues with IE 11.

I would recommend using the latest Chrome or Firefox.
Chrome does appear to have the best speed, with Firefox right behind.

  • Joyce