Invoice failed to be created question


Hi Joyce,

Received this error while trying to create an invoice for a customer ==>

Invoicing completed with some errors:

Invoice: Invoicing failed due to the following error:
There was an error when saving a Invoice. QuickBooks error message: The credit limit for the name on this transaction has been exceeded. Code: 3180

We areaware the customer is over their limit but that doesn’t mean don’t want to be prevented from invoicingthem.

When wemanually create an invoice in QuickBooks for a customer who has exceededtheir credit limitweare able to acknowledge the “credit limit” warning and continue withcreatinginvoices.

CanQBIbe modified toprovide the same ‘acknowledgment functionality’ as we perform manually or is this a QuickBooks restriction we have to live with?




Hi Bob

It is my understanding from Quickbooks SDK, that this is a QuickBooks limitation - in that only if you are within the QuickBooks program itself can you override the “credit limit” warning and allow the invoice to be created.

I will put it on the list for development to look into to see if Intuit has now allowed this feature to be accessed via a third party - but there may be a restriction that we can not provide it if we still want to have QBI compatiblity with older versions of QuickBooks (i.e QB 2005, QB 2006, etc), but no harm in double-checking.

At this time, if the QuickBooks client has already exceeded their credit limit, to be able to invoice via QBI, you will first need to exit out of QBI, increase the credit limit in QuickBooks for that client, start QBI and than the invoice will be allowed to be created - you can than return to QuickBooks and reset the credit limit back to what it was.

  • Joyce


Hi Joyce,

It would be great is this can be done. Ourdata entry peopledonot have the authority to overrideCredit Limits in QB andweprefer, if possible, that the Credit Limit warningin QB not stop themin midstreamfrom billing out theservice work.