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I am using the WBI feature for technicians to fill out their workorders at the end of the day when their at hotels. Now I’ve just started using it and i just realized that when I enter times into the scheduled user section it does not automatically fill in the estimated quantity box. Is the program designed to be this way or is it a glitch? I use AyaNova 7.2 here at the office all the time and it just automatically fills all the quantity boxes in for me once I enter start and stop times. I would like this to work the same for the technicians when their out of the office is there a setting that I’m missing or?


Hello Robert

This is as expected. The WBI web application does not have all of the same abilities as the desktop application due to the nature of it being a web application.

The WBI web application does not send data entered back to the database until you initiate it to do so - i.e. enter in details in a Labor record, but it is not saved to the workorder until you tell the application to accept that labor record by selecting the checkmark and selecting the Save menu option for the workorder as a whole.

What this means is, is that WBI does not “know” what to be able to initially fill into the Service Quantity Rate field because it does not read what has been entered in the Start and Stop fields until after you have completed saving the entire record.
As the record has been completely saved , AyaNova will not modify the saved record changing the Service Rate Quantity, as whatever you manually had entered in there could certainly be different than that derived from the difference, and AyaNova will not modify the record after it has been saved.

With WBI, the Service Rate Quantity field is not automatically derived - this is so that you can manually enter in whatever amount you wish and not have it overwritten.

When entering in labor using WBI, enter yourself in your billable amounts in your Service Rate Quantity field.

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I use the quantity boxes for entering times into my accounting program so employees get paid correctly as well as customers get billed correctly(In fact its one of the most important features in Ayanova for our company). I’ve tried saving hours on the WBI with a 0 in the quantity box and then opening the work order through my office computer with the entire program and having Ayanova update it like it does if I had to go back and change a time, but it leaves the quantity as whatever it was saved as on the WBI. The only way I’ve found it will update it is if I delete all the information from the stop time out and re-enter it. Having to re-do every work order that a technician does in the field kind of makes the WBI pointless for us to have because it was downloaded with the impression that it would save on the amount of office work one or two people had to do to keep up with all the technicians. Is there an application that is out there that would enable Ayanova to do what I am asking for and if not could it be designed?

Thank you


Hello again Robert

I will certainly advise development of your request for the next major version 8, but sorry no, it is not possible to change what WBI is presently of capable for AyaNova 7 or older versions. We do not have a specific ETA for version 8 at this time.

These would be our suggestions:

  1. Have your techs out in the field fill in the Service Rate Quantity field themselves when entering their labor

  2. If there is a common amount of time charged, set your Global Settings for the Scheduled / Labor Default Minutes so AyaNova pre-enters the start and stop time, AND the Service Rate Quantity for your techs out on the road when a new labor record or new scheduled user record is created

  3. Back at the office running the AyaNova desktop application, you do not have to delete both the Start and the Stop Date/Time. If you edit the Stop Date/Time and tab off, you will see that the Service Quantity Rate will automatically be updated with the difference between the two.

  4. Back at the office, filter the Labor grid perhaps by date range, scheduleable user, etc and run a report such as the Sample Actual Total Hours Based on Entered Start and Stop Times Report with Grand Total ([i]first released with AyaNova 5.x - check your Labor grid as you may already have it - if not download the zip file and import the template from the forum topic Sample-Report-Templates-from-AyaNova-5-x that compares the difference between the Start and Stop Date/Times with that entered in the Service Rate Quantity so that you can see without having to open each workorder up, whether your tech did not enter and if needs adjusting.

  • Joyce