Part Warranties

Is there a way to track warranties on parts?

Hello again !

AyaNova does not have a specific part warranty feature, but possible suggestion I have would be:

Identify in the Part’s entry screen itself (i.e. its Notes field) what its warranty is (i.e. 1 year, 3 months, etc)
If a client has a warranty issue with a part, you can confirm it was sold to them from you by filtering in the Parts grid in the Service navigation pane with that client filtered too.
The workorder’s date field (decide which date field based on your own use in your AyaNova) would equate to the date sold to the client.
And click on the part jump button from the record in the Parts grid in the Service navigation pane to open that Part’s entry screen where you can see at a glance what its warranty is.
And than manual subtraction in your head/on paper to subtract today’s date from the date in the workorder the part was sold to see if under warranty or not.

  • Joyce