RI responsive interface for remote access now available!


We are excited about the new remote access option RI that provides easy and quick access to your AyaNova data via any screen sized device (i.e. mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop etc) running any operating system (i.e. Microsoft, Android, iOS etc) !

Yes, you can create workorders, as well as clients and units and parts. As well as edit existing, view your schedule and more!

Have you checked out RI yet?!
Overview of RI features starting http://www.ayanova.com/AyaNova7webHelp/index.html?what_is_ri.htm
Try our online demo of RI via the URL link on http://www.ayanova.com/RI_remote_field_service.htm

If you are presently licensed for AyaNova and would like to trial RI, just let us know via email to support@ayanova.com and we would be happy to send out a 30 day temporary Activation Key