Unable to log into AyaNova


I tried making a custom filter to look at purchase orders and entered incorrect code, it booted me out and now I cannot log in, keeps popping up error: Incorrect syntax near the keyword ‘ORDER’. Please Help!


Hi Terry, as you can not make a custom filter via WBI, I am going to assume you actually did this via the AyaNova program itself, not via WBI?

If so:

Log in as the AyaNova Administrator and move to the Administration navigation pane
Open the user entry screen for your login
Click on the Clear all user’s form customizations
Save & Exit
Now log in again as that username (not the AyaNova Adminstrator) and perform the steps again for making a custom filter (make a note to yourself and take screenshots of what you are doing)
If it now works, great
If it again gives you an error, provide the details and screenshots of exactly what you were doing so that I can help. Also be sure to include what version of AyaNova you are running. The latest version of AyaNova 5 is 5.0.2
Also check out the AyaNova 5 Help file How do I…? example on custom filters for a walk through (URL removed as for older version no longer supported - see the latest version of AyaNova)

  • Joyce


Hello Joyce,

Those 1st few steps worked. Thanks for your help.:slight_smile: