Units and Warranty Information


When entering a unit theassociated warranty information entered for the unit model does not appear nor does the warranty information appear on the unit grid screen. We have found that the only way we are able to view a unit’s warranty information (if not using the warranty override feature) is to create a workorder. We are using version



Hi Ken
Do you mean in the Units grid itself? If so, that is correct, as only the information from the Unit’s entry screen will appear in fields in the Units grid. Unit Model information does not appear in the Unit grid.

If the Override Warrenty field in the Unit’s entry screen IS checkmarked, then the warrenty of that unit itself that you have entered in the Unit’s warranty related fields such as Override Warranty Terms DOES show in the Unit’s grid. And these override warranty terms are what shows in a workorder where that unit is selected.

But if the Override Warrenty is NOT checkmarked, then the warrenty of the Unit Model is used when that unit is selected in a service workorder. The Unit Model’s warrenty terms themselves do not show on the Unit’s grid as only specific data from the Unit’s entry screen shows in the Unit’s grid.

Let me know this explains this for you.

  • Joyce


Sounless you know of another method of obtaining standard warranty information at a glance, this meanswhen one of our customers calls us and wants to know when their warranty expires on a specific unit we are forced to create a workorder to obtain this information. We feel it would be beneficial to have the warranty information display without having to use the override warranty option. Additionally when entering the unit you cannot view the standard warrantywithout clicking on the unit model jump button to see if overriding the warranty is even necessary.



That would be correct Ken. You can easily do this by right-clicking on the serial number of the unit in any grid and selecting (URL removed as for older version no longer supported - see the latest version of AyaNova) List All Workorders which will bring up the Items grid showing all workorder items where this unit was selected - and you can easily open one of these workorder items to view what the warranty information is as the workorder automatically identifies what warranty is left (i.e. days, months, etc)by taking into consideration the Purchase date and the Warranty Length so you do not have to manually figure it out which you would if just viewing the unit’s entry screen - whether the warranty if from the Unit Model or from an override in the Unit’s entry screen.

  • Joyce