A question on grouping of Parts

I am assessing AyaNova as an alternative to our current Job Scheduling system.

In our currentsystem we candefinePartsin categories/groups which we can then use for reporting purposes … e.gwe can list all customers who have purchased 'chemicals’recently. We find being able to build a heirarchy forour product range and being able to report on things at the part and group level very useful.

I haven’t been able to see such a grouping facility for Parts in AyaNova or AyaNova v3 … is there, or likley to be, such a facility?

The next generation AyaNova parts will include identification by Part Category as well as Part Number, Part Name, Unit of Measure, Cost, Retail, UPC Code, Part Assembly, Track Serial, Manuafacturer, Manufacturer Number, Wholesaler, Wholesaler Number, Alternative Wholesaler, Alternative Wholesaler Number.

Parts themselves, as well as parts entered within service workorders will be able to be grouped and reported on by the part category and part assembly, as well as by the manufacturer

AyaNova does not have part grouping but it is a feature that will be in the next generation AyaNova

We will be shortly posting the next generation AyaNova beta and documentation for AyaNova Support Forum members to download and try out if they wish to do so before actual public release. Members will be notified when this becomes available - we are working towards the beginning of December for the beta releases.