A quick question on backups ...

I have read through the manual and all topics here regarding backups and I am not 100% clear on one point - How do I determine what type of database I am using? There is mention of MSQL, Firebird etc - I just used the default install so I assume that all I have to do is backup the AYANOVA.FDBfile and that is it? Am I correct in my assumption?

Thank you.

Correct - if using the stand-alone default installation (in that you took the defaults when you installed and have not performed any additional configuration), thenfor backup, all you have to do is make sure you have the AyaNova program exited out, and then backup the AYANOVA.FDB database file.

The manual sections on backup for network Firebird configuration and backup for SQL Server are if you have configured AyaNova for use in a network configuration

As you took the defaults and did not perform additional configuration, that would mean you have the default installation which has the information for backup up in the section “Backup using the Embedded Firebird server (default installation)” starting page 587

Let me know if you need more information.

  • Joyce