A Unit of Units

Is it possible with AyaNova to set up a Larger Unit(Typical PC Build) that is made up of a selection of smaller units(the parts of the PC), so that when added to the work order it removes those parts from Inventory, and so that those parts of the PC can be referenced with serial number, etc… when referring back to the Larger Unit(the PC)?

Im not sure how to ask that less confusingly, so Ill explain the login of what Im trying to accomplish. Id like to be able to give a PC that we build a Unit #, and within that select from drop downs or whatever from our inventory the individual pieces of that PC, that have been previously inventoried with Serial, warranty info, etc… And then be able to refer back to the individual pieces by looking up the Work order for that client where I selected the Unit # of the PC as a whole.

Hope that isnt too confusing.



Hi Dennis

I do understand what you are getting at, but no - a “Unit” in AyaNova is a single object. A “Head Office” can have many “clients”. A “Client” can have many different “units” but there is not a further sub-section of objects under “units”.

I put “units” and “clients” in quotes because you can localize AyaNova how ever you like.

For example:
-you might actually localize “Clients” to display instead as “PC’s”
-and localize what is “Units” localized to be “Components”
-And than each component of a PC is entered as in your localized “Components” entry screen with its serial number and its own warrenty etc as well asselecting the specific PC it is a part of.
-And when you perform service, you actually select the “PC” itself (not a client), and each workorder item can be for a specific “component” that you can select by its serial number etc

This might work for you. Try that and let me know.

  • Joyce

Thanks for the quick response! We’ll give it a try!