A W/O just disappeared

We just had something very strange happen. One of the workorders (W/O) on our list of open W/Os, just disappeared! I mean, went away! Poof!

Initially, it disappeared from the non-admin work stations that our technicians use and I, at the admin computer, still had it. I tried to open it and got a message saying it couldn’t be found. When I hit “refresh” it disappeared from my system as well.

I think this may be an issue w/ our server, but I thought you may have some thoughts or had come across this before…


Hi Ian

I would saysomeone deleted the workorder, but until you refreshed, the workorder recordstill showed as a record on your grid. As soon as you refreshed the record was removed because the actual workorder itself had been deleted.

I would suggest that you set security group rights so that users can not delete entire workorders. Edit the Object.WorkorderService object to Read/Write so that users of these security groups can not delete workorders.

Be assured that a record in the AyaNova database can not disappear without being told to do so.

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce,

You’re probably right. I change that security setting now.

Many thanks,