Ability to report record history

I would like to be able to report/list all clients and the record history data showing when the client was created in the system. Is this possible?

Regards - Brian

Hi Brian

You can list all clients via the Clients grid in the Clients navigation pane, and than report based on the clients displaying on this grid.

But a detailed report template can only display data fields that show as a column on the grid. Creation date of the client is not an available column from the Clients grid.

What I would suggest ishave a custom date field show in the client entry screen, and than sort by this custom date field in a report template as well as show it.

  • Joyce

FORUM TOPIC UPDATE: Do check out the new feature of AyaNova 6.5 and higher that by using API Methods you can display whatever data from whatever grid in your report - for example see the topic Reporting-Example-of-using-API-Methods-to-display-Client-s-Custom-fields-and-Unit-s-Custom-fields-in-Service-WO-report