Ability to resize Workorder Sub-items screen

Is it possible to make thework order item or sub-items screen resizeable? We often have more than lines the current Work order item screen is difficult to read.

Raymond Widjaja

Computer Troubleshooters Browns Bay

Auckland New Zealand

Hi Raymond

In AyaNova v3when you hover your mouse over a text field, if the text is “more” than what is displaying, the text will display popped up for you to view without having to expand the field

In AyaNova v3, you can also drag the workorder items rows so the height is larger.

Place your mouse over the dividing rows between workorder items, click and drag down.

We will include in the Wish List to add to features that if you expand the height of the rows, if AyaNova v3 will “save” that height for the next time you view the workorder items - whereas right ow it reverts to its previous height once you close a service workorder.

Hi again Raymond

An update on this requested feature:

We have looked into being able to add the ability to save row height of grids, and at this time it is only possible if it is hard-coded into the AyaNova program. We will not be adding this ability immediately, as we would want to haveperformed a lot testing with different configurations before releasing such a hard-coded feature to ensure it would not adversely affect use of AyaNova. We will look into adding this as afeature in a future release, as right now many many AyaNova users are waiting on the QBI v3 and AyaNova v3.1 to be releasedas soon as possible.

  • Joyce