Accessing ARAS remotely?

I am trying to get into aras from outside of the network. I have forwarded the port on the router to the local machine and still no page can be displayed.

Also, How would a client access this program to add aticket or request?

Thank you

Regarding client remote access to request service, view their workroders and obtain their reports: dir=ltr " ">

A client would request service and view their information by logging in via ARAS.

You would first need to set up Remote Access Settings for this client - giving them a login name, password and rights.

Refer to the AyaNova Manual section “Client Entry Screen” - info on remote access settings starts on bottom of 161

Refer to the AyaNova Manual section “ARAS (AyaNova Remote Access Server)” starting on page 267 which identifies the different web pages delivered and available depending if the user is an AyaNova user, or is a client with remote access settings.

The AyaNova Manual is available from and provides detailed information on every feature of AyaNova.

To troubleshoot ARAS cconnection please provide the following information than we will go from there: dir=ltr " ">

  1. What is the IP address of the computer that is runing the ARAS program?

  2. What is the port number set up for the ARAS configuration?

  3. On anetworked computer within the network(not from a remote computer) if you enter in http://ipaddress:portnumber in a webbrowser URL (where ipaddress is the ip addrssof the ARAS computer and portnumber is the port number you have configured ARAS for)does the ARAS login screen appear and you are able to log in?

  4. What is your router’s IP address?

  5. What and where did you set within the router configuration for the router to know that any http://routeripaddress:portnumber is to be routed to that ARAS computer and port number within the network?