Accessing Parts info via API


been struggling on this for a few days now.

How do I access the parts info in a workorder item via API commands ? Specifically I want to modify the discount when a report is run.

Thanks for your time,

Hi Martin
Not sure we understand the context and why, to be able to help.

Do identify your context, whys, what is presently happening in your AyaNova, what is presently happening in your day to day service that would use, what the end result is to be used for, etc, so we can help more specifically as not sure what you are trying to do.

Perhaps what you just need is to edit the discount % in the Parts record in the workorder item itself so that this discount is maintained with the part sold to this client?
Or if the discount % to be applied against a part is not to be saved with the workorder itself (do provide why so we get the full context), you could create a custom report template that applies a pre-set % discount against a part’s net price and use that instead of the $ amounts derived from what is actually entered in the workorder?

  • Joyce