Active Directory/Single Sign-on

This feature was asked for back in 2006 and again in 2009. This is a big feature for us and is keeping us from expanding the use of the program. Any idea if this feature will ever be implemented?

Thank You


Hi Demos

Thank you for your feature suggestion in the past and again now.
All suggestions are reviewed before and during development of each new version. If a feature suggestion is found to be of use to a high percentage of service companies, development does its best to incorporate. Not many companies (less than 1%) have asked or indicated an interest in Active Directory single sign on interface with AyaNova.

What I would highly recommend is to identify what specific task(s) you do in your service organization that would be helped by having the AyaNova interface with Active Directory single sign on. Development can then see your context, how would be expected to be used, what tasks it accomplishes, etc and can see how it would be used that may be of use to more, as well as how best to provide.

  • Joyce

I was thinking about this since it would be a great asset for me as well. Can you allow AyaNova to authorize users to a RADIUS server?? This would still allow integration to AD (not complete) and allow users to use a Windows username and password.