Add Spell Checking to AyaNova products!***Service Provider**

Hi there,

I’ve been invited by Joyce (the moderator of this forum) to mention our product, called Spell Catcher, to users of AyaNova software.

Spell Catcher is an independent spell checking and shorthand expansion application that you can download and install for a free 15 day trial (longer if you ask). It works with all applications, checking as you type and offering corrections whenever a typo is detected.

Joyce has tried Spell Catcher with AyaNova, and wrote:

“Have taken a look at your program, downloaded the trial and tested it with both our existing version and the beta version of the next generation AyaNova and am quite impressed - with its multi application use, and its ease of use.”

The benefits of Spell Catcher don’t stop with spell checking. You can setup Spell Catcher to expand shorthand expressions into longer phrases that you type repeatedly, saving you the need to type them in full each time.

Rather than talk more about Spell Catcher here, take a look at what it can do, and try it out for yourself to see how well it works with other applications.

Visitour web site to see Spell Catcher in action and download a trial to try for yourself.

A full version of the program costs only $40, with a $30 version availablethat contains all the essentials.

Thanks for your time,

John Tytler,

Author - Spell Catcher Plus

Rainmaker Research, Inc.