Adding BarCode for what displays as Serial Number into a report

Here is an example that was requested by an AyaNova user:

Want to have a BarCode display the serial number of the unit being serviced in the dispatch report template

As an example, I’ve included a sample report template so that you can see the end result of the steps below. Download, extract and import to follow along:

Sample Dispatching Report with Unit Serial Number BarCode

Do note that for barcodes to work for serial numbers, you may have to set the Global Settings to show only serial number - don’t forget to save, log out and log back in to set this before proceeding.

Steps I took to include a barcode to display what is set for the datafield Serial Number in the sample dispatching report template

  1. I opened up the Sample Dispatching Report template, selected Save As and saved as this report template

  2. I extended the height of the DetailReportItem’s Detail2 band by dragging it down to make room

  3. Selected the Toolbox tab and dragged the BarCode field onto the Detail2 band

  1. Selected the Code93Extended Symbology property - what barcode you select will depend on what your unit’s serial numbers are made up of. For example, because my trial data’s serial numbers are made up of letters and numbers, I selected the Code93Extended

  1. Now the datafield for this BarCode needs to be set by setting the binding property for the BarCode field

  1. In the report designer, the barcode now looks as below

  1. And in the report template, the barcode looks like this for a serial number.