Adding Multiple Assemblies to a Single Part


We currently use Ayanova for our IT business, however in my particular department I’ve run into a wall. I run the quote and ordering process for our laptop repairs where we deal with many brands and models. We use Part Assemblies to help keep track of parts we’ve used previously on different models, however I’ve now run into a problem where I have a single part and part number that is used in a number of different models from the same manufacturer.
This prevents me from adding that part into another assembly. It affects us in two ways.

1 If I get in a model we’ve repaired before and want to check if we stock the screen or who supplies it I have to disassemble the unit and search via the part number. Instead of quickly looking at the model number - checking for the assembly and finding out what screens we’ve used previously that supports it and if we have them in stock. This affects quick quotes or over the phone quotes.

2 When I quote for this part to a customer - we have parts set up to search by assembly first - so by not having multiple assemblies they will see “another laptop assembly - part number - part name” in their quote.

Is there a work around for this issue or is there a feature for additional part assemblies on one part in a new version? We are currently using

Kind Regards,
Daniel O’Brien

Hi Daniel

As you know, a part can only be assigned to one Part Assembly in AyaNova at this time.

I do see what you mean, that in your case a part could be of different assemblies, and have passed this onto development to look at for a future version.

I am trying to think of another possible workaround, but I do not have another suggestion at this time other then what you have previously listed you do in #1.

For printing, if your report template is calling the part datafield from the Field List, the report will display however your Global Settings is set to display the part(i.e. assembly - name - number). If it includes the assembly in the display, that is what will display on the report too.
You could customize your report template to use API methods instead to call just the part name and part number so that the printed report doesn’t show the assembly and so you can continue to have how the part is set to display in the AyaNova program itself (i.e. assembly - name - number).
API method examples can be found in the Development/SDK/API section of this forum such as Reporting-Example-of-using-API-Methods-to-display-additional-Rate-data-in-a-Service-WO-report

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