*Additional Customer/Contact fields available for reports now a feature in AyaNova 4*

FAX Number
When customizing/creating reports at any level, Service, PM’s, etc. I would like to be able to use the main contacts’ fax number. If I need to print off a report and fax it to the customer, I could incorporate a fax leader sheet as a report that could be printed at the same time the report was. Doing this without having to go to the customers’ record, checking the fax as the default phone, saving the record, printing the reports, and then going back to the customer record to change default from fax back to phone.

Basically, being able to choose which of the main contacts number I need in a given report.

Email Address
It would also be nice if Send Email would automatically populate the To: box of the email with the primary email address.

The data is all there, but the more fields that we can access for reports, the better.
Thanks for a great program!


AyaNova 4 will have the business phone number, as well as four additonal phone numbers plus the email address in the workorder’s detailed report templates