*Additional data fields to data field list in XtraReport Designer now in AyaNova 4*

Oh, she who is all knowledgeable in things AyaNova and XtraReport Designer, it is I, the unworthy Ian who is groveling at your feet for yet more guidance and enlightenment. :smiley:

I need to add a field for “Email” to our report headings (where the customer name, address, etc.) go. Unfortunately, “email” is not in the data field list, so I can’t use the standard set up procedure. Is there a way to add it to the list?

I wait with bated breath (and lots of groveling) for your reply.

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Hi Ian

If “Email” is not a selectable datafield in the report designer for that report, than it is not available for that report template.

From what grid are you creating the report from, and are you selecting a Summary report template to be designed or a Detailed report template?

  • Joyce

I’m trying to add it to a Summary Report Template

Hi again

You didn’t say from what grid.

If the grid has a Detailed Report Template, depending on the grid, Email may or may not be an option.

  • Joyce

Sorry, I misunderstood. I’m trying to do it from the Service Workorders Grid and an “Email” option is not listed in the data field list.

I guess it is not an available option, huh?

Correct - the field “Email” is not available in a Summary report template or Detailed report template for a service workorder.

I can certainly move this to the Wish List for development to look into adding as an additional datafield for selection in a Service Workorder detailed report templatein a future version of AyaNova.

  • Joyce

:crying: (sigh) Yes, please add it to the wish list.

Thanks for your help.

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In addition to the email address being avialble in detailed report templates for the workorder in AyaNova 4, AyaNova 4 will also have all phone numbers as we will have revamped how contact information is entered into the client’s entry screen.