Additional field on the workorder item sub-items

We were wondering if there is a way to add a custom field to the parts sub-item on the workorder for describing if the part was new or used. Is this something that can be done today? Thanks Gary

Hi Gary
Custom fields can only be added into the Custom Fields sub-section of a workorder item.

What may be suggested is that you enter the information into the Description field of the Part record in the Parts sub-section of a workorder item.

You could also localize the text label for what is presently Description to identify this for your parts.

For example:

Log into AyaNova as the AyaNova Administrator or a user that is a member of a security group that has full rights to Localization
Open the Localized Text Design grid in the Administration navigation pane
Create a new custom locale using the English locale as the source and the New Locale Name perhaps as your company name for easy identifcation and selection ( or if you already have a custom locale, select it and go to the next step)
Edit the Standard Display Text for the Key WorkorderItemPart.Label.Description from Description to Part New/Used State
Save & Exit this new locale
Edit your user’s Default Language to use this custom locale and save
Edit your Global Settings so that new created users also use this locale by default
When user’s next log in, (as localization is identified when a user logs in) the column text label Description in the Parts sub-section of a workorder item will now display as Part New/Used State where users can identify this when selecting a part in a workorder item.

  • Joyce