Adjusting pane size in work order view

I’m having trouble adjusting the pane sizes within a work order view. The specific problem is when I’m in the Parts view within a work order. The Parts Request section falls off the bottom of the page so that I can’t view the list. There is signifiance gray area between the Parts Request list below and the Parts list above. I believe I have my monitor settings correct.

I would think I could drag and resize the Parts Request section so I can see it.

Hi Brad

Select Maximize for the workorder entry screen (upper right-hand corner of the screen) to maximize the total workorder entry screen to the full size of your monitor.

This will expand the entire workorder entry screen, as well as the Parts sub-screen section of the workorder.

Let me know you have done this and part requests are fully viewable now in the workorder entry screen.

If you are still experiencing an issue:

-How many part request records are in the singleworkorder item?
-What is your Display Properties Settings screen area set as? (i.e 1280 X 1024; 1024 X 768; 800 x 600)
-Have you set your Display Properties Settings screen area to the max possible?
-Are you using Large Fonts setting in your Display Properties?

  • Joyce

The screen is maximized.

Font is normal

resolution is set to 1024 by 768

No matter how many parts are in the parts requst area, she can only see the 1st line

Hi Brad

If her screen is maximized, and she has mulitple part requests listed, she will see on the right hand side of the Part Requests an up/down scroll button so that she can scroll to view eachexisting part request.

I do know that we will be looking at editing the layout of the parts sub-screen in the workorder entry screen - possibly to allow movement of the two panes (parts and part requests) for ease of viewing.

Part requests can also be viewed via the Part Requests grid in the Inventory navigation pane.

  • Joyce

Hi again Brad

Another suggestion to increase the display area in the Parts sub-screen in a workorder by moving the second menu bar to the top (i.e. click and drag)

  • Joyce