After Importing , Task Group is no longer work

After importing, The task group list and itemsare deleted and I could not add a new Task group from an existing service Workorder

When there were few task items before the import,I could assign or a task group to a service work order.

Hi Raymond

Can you provide step by step how you are making a new Task Group with its tasks?

Please refer also to the AyaNova v3 Manual section "Additional Entry Screens & Grids -Task Groups " (starting page 531).

For example:

  1. You are in a service workorder Tasks sub-screen

  2. With no Task Group selected,you click on the Task Group jump button

3.An empty and new Task Group entry screen opens

  1. The Task Group name defaults to 06/03/2006 10:08:21 PM

  2. As this is a newly imported AyaNova v3 database, you do not yet have any Tasks created, so you click on the Tasks menu item to open the sub-grid to enter in Tasks (page 534 starting middle of page onwards)

  3. …etc

Can you post here that a Task Group and Tasks can now be created - if not, please post specifically what you do select , what you see etc to allow me to help identify where I can help. Do go through that section in the AyaNova v3 Manual as it includes screenshots of the process.Thank you.

  • Joyce

I am up to step 2 on your instructions. When I press the Task group jump button, it did not open the Task Group screen.

Thisjump buttonis working with your demo data. Does the erase program erase all the preloaded Task Groupcoes?Is it likely that the program could not open because there were no default Task Group available ? Is there another way to find out whether there are any records in the task Group

Hi Raymond
At present, the only selection of Task Groups is via the workorder entry screen.

When the the Erase All Data button within the License menu option is selected, all existing Task Groups and the existing Tasks are deleted. An erase of the database is also initiated when the AyaNova CE data is imported using the CEImport utility.

I had re-tested with a freshly erased database when I initially read your posting. With no Task Groups or Tasks, in a workorder Tasks sub-screen I selected the Task Group jump button which opens the Task Group entry screen. From there proceeded to creating Tasks from the menu bar, and than adding to create the first Task Group.

If you send a copy of your database, I can take a look here and eliminate whether it is an issue with your database or not and go from there.

Depending on the configuration of AyaNova, provide the following in a direct email to

If using the stand-alone default installation, ensure the AyaNova program is closed. Zip up the AYANOVA.FDB database file using WinZip and attach
Or if using the network Firebird configuration, using your edited networkFirebirdsnapshot.bat file create a snapshot file of the AyaNova database and zip up the AYANOVA.FBK snapshot file using WinZip and attach
Or if using the SQL configuration, create a backup file and zip the backup file using WinZip and attach
Include the AyaNova Administrator username and password (default is manager/letmein)
Include your username and password
Log into AyaNova on the computer youare performing this on, and from the menu Help -> About AyaNova, copy the entire text contents to a NotePad document, save and attach
From this same computer, zip up the ayalog.txt file using WinZip and attach

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce,
Thank you for the offer.

I accidently found out where the problem is. The DNS name lookupseems to be the culprit.I setup the connectionto use the server computer name. After changing the server name to the server IP address in the config file. The task group is working now.

FYI, I can access theall menu itemsbut the taskgroup when Iuse the server name in the Ayanovaconfiguration. There was not anyerror / messages displayed when I could not get the Task group window opened

Hello Raymond, there is nothing connecting the connection string to what you are seeing with the task group.Hhow the computer connects to the database is irrelevant to the operations inside the program after the initial connection.

The only normal difference between the two methods of specifying the server is that in certain circumstances using an IP address can be slower performing the initial connection depending on what route windows takes to resolve the IP address.

It’s very likely just a co-incidence. If you can connect and use any part of the program then all parts are accessing the database exactly the same way.

Have you logged in as the AyaNova Administrator and performed the same steps? If so, and you can access when logged in as the AyaNova Administrator, that would mean it is a security group setting - you may not have Object.Task, Object.TaskGroup and Object.TaskGroupTask set to Read/Write to allow users to access.