Ahh! How do I get my labor details in to my Quickbooks invoice?

I was very surprised to find that QBI does not import all the labor items in to the Quickbooks invoice. Even if it was only the first 4500 characters for each labor item that would be very helpful.

What is the reasoning the requires me to print all the work orders and then print all the Quickbooks invoices and match them up? Especially considering that email is so popular, now I have to print work order to a PDF and print Invoices to a PDF and then create an email and attached two files? Which means I also have to type customer contact info in a third program to be used for email.

What are the suggested solutions here if I want to give my customers any kind of idea what work the invoice relates to?

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Hello Eric

QuickBooks is not designed to handle a lot of text. If the first 4500 characters of every labor detail was imported into an invoice, the QuickBooks invoice would span many many many pages. For example, a multiple labor workorder in AyaNova may only print on a single page of a Detailed Completed Workorder report, whereas a QuickBooks invoice with the same amount of text may print off 8 to 10 pages. And each page of the invoice would look like another invoice at first to the customer because only within the invoice Description area is text such as the labor details able to be displayed.

All AyaNova data that displays in the QuickBooks invoice via QBI is imported into the QuickBooks database. The imported text would bloat the QuickBooks database as it is designed for handling accounting information, as well as than having the labor details kept in two databases.

As you know, QBI does import into the QuickBooks invoice all billable items irregardless of the number of labor items or billable parts. With the QuickBooks invoice, a single line is taken for each item. But if there is text added, the QuickBooks invoice is only designed for a small amount of comments or text added in addition to the actual billable item lines

If the AyaNova workorder labor item contains more than a few lines of service information, and/or the AyaNova workorder contains more than one labor item, it is recommended that you provide a copy of the AyaNova Detailed Completed Workorder report along with the QuickBooks invoice which can easily handle a lot of text describing the labor details even on one page.

What would be suggested if the labor details are extensive, or if you have multiple labor items in a workorder :

  1. Create PDF’s of the Detailed Completed Workorder reports for workorders that are ready to be invoiced via the Export in the Print Preview. Note the location where these are saved. It would be suggested to label each file descriptively such as the workorder number or client name and workorder number.
  2. Run QBI and perform the invoice transfer for each workorder ready to be invoicedwhich transfers the billable information to QuickBooks and updates the invoice number in the AyaNova workorder for your reference.
  3. When you are ready to email all customers with their invoices, open QuickBooks and move to the invoices that are ready to be printed.
  4. Open each invoice, select to send a standard email.
  5. As you already have the email address of the customer entered into QuickBooks, QuickBooks will utilize your default email program, enter in the customers email address for you, and attach your QuickBooks invoice.
  6. As the email message remains open so you can check it before it is sent, now also attach the PDF of the Detailed Completed Workorder report for that workorder.

We will be looking at adding the feature toQBI of importing into the QuickBooks invoice more than just the first labor item details, but do note that due to QuickBooks limitation in displaying text, the issue of multiple invoice pages would still occur. This would than be up to the AyaNova user discretion whether they do transfer all labor details and possibly print out an invoice that spans many many pages, or just attach a detailed completed report from AyaNova to the one page QuickBooks invoice.

Do note that QBI v3 and higher that is compatible with AyaNova v3 does allow for greater control of what text displays on the QuickBooks invoice - including the service details.

We encourage you to reviewthe features of the latest version of QBI

  • Joyce