Any HVAC Contractors using Ayanova?

Are there any of you that are HVAC contractors using Ayanova? We are curious how we’d go about doing flat rate, as well as adding things to bills like a ‘service fee’.

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Others feel free to reply too, I also wanted to provide common suggestions for flat rates below too.

For flat rates, the suggestion may be to just use a qty of 1 for the service rate selected in your AyaNova labor record.
See more about rates in AyaNova as well as where selected in the Labor record

OR you might instead just create a part in AyaNova for each flat rate and charge a qty of 1 of these to the client as needed.
See more about parts selection in the service workorder starting and about Parts themselves starting

Same with service fees or other additional fees, the suggestion would be to create a part in AyaNova for this fee, and select it in the Parts subsection of the workorder to charge the client for this.

For example:
You have a twenty different flat rates for different services that might be charged to a client.
Create each as a part in AyaNova.
In the Parts subsection of the service workorder, select the part for the specific flat rate, with a qty of 1.
And in the Labor subsection of the service workorder, you may still want to identfiy the details of the service provided, just without charges. As in that you would enter the Start and Stop date/time so that your tech accounts for where and how long, as well your client if given this data, will also see how much time took for the flat fee item; enter in Details the details of the service provided so you, the client, other techs that would like to know how resolved, etc can refer to; for Service Rate either select nothing or select a rate that has no $ applied because in your case you are going to use Parts to charge your flat rates.
Select from the Print menu the Sample Detailed Service Workorder with Grand Total to print preview an example of the charges that would be on this workorder for this client.

Also too, we encourage you to take advantage of information in existing posts on this forum by searching.
For example, perform a search for flat rate and a number of forum posts will display that you can review at your leisure

Check out recommendations on use for Labor in AyaNova’s service workorder
And recommendations on use for Parts in AyaNova’s service workorder

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