Any Idea on time frame for Remote Access

Does anyone have any idea on when this module will be ready. I bought the original version (9 license so far) on the hope this would not take a long time to develop. Not pushing but just hoping it will be ready soon.

I have not updated as of yet to Version 3 due to our employees using PDA’s to get and print workorders.


Mark Crum

Hi Mark

We are presently in development of the QBI optional add-on as per the AyaNova v3 Road Map

Once the QBI optional add-on and the maintenance release is posted, than we will develop the generic import utility which is a relatively small project.

We do not have a set amount of time it will take for the optional web browser to be completed. I don’t have a quess-timate at this time for a completion date until we get further into deeper development on it.

  • Joyce