Anyone else using Outlook 2010 with AyaNova 7?

Wanted to post here to see if anyone else is experiencing the same issue - we have not been able to recreate the issue, nor has any other company using AyaNova contacted us with details getting the same issue.

An AyaNova user is using AyaNova Lite 7.0.4
This user also has Outlook 2010
Has tried with Outlook 2010 32 bit as well as Outlook 2010 64bit

Below would be what the “normal” steps and result would be:

Select to print preview a report

In Print Preview, click File -> Send via Email -> PDF

Click ok for the PDF settings

Save the file

Outlook opens an email message with that PDF attached so that the attachment can be emailed.

Instead for this AyaNova Lite 7 user, when they perform the following, they receive the Outlook error:

Select to print preview a report

In Print Preview, click File -> Send via Email -> PDF

Click ok for the PDF settings

Save the file

Instead of Outlook 2010 opening a mail message with the attachment, the following error occurs:

Either there is no default email client or the current mail client cannot fulfil the messaging request.
Please run Microsoft Outlook and set it as the default email client.

What we are hoping to hear back from others if you are using Outlook 2010 32 bit, and perform the exact same steps, does your Outlook 2010 properly open an email message with the attachment, OR do you also get the exact same error message.

Please do identify in your reply the steps you take and what version of AyaNova (see Help -> About) and confirm that your version of Outlook is 2010 and whether 32 bit or 64bit Outlook, and whether your computer itself is 32bit or 64bit. Also confirm whether Outlook 2010 64 bit has ever been installed onto your computer, as may be a factor in whether the issue occurs.

Thank you

  • Joyce

Do note that AyaNova doesn’t talk directly to Outlook 2010 when performing the steps above, AyaNova uses the standard windows MAPI (Mail Application Interface) interface to send email via whatever email client happens to be installed.

AyaNova doesn’t care what email client is installed (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc), it hands the whole job off to Windows itself. It is the Windows computer that is returning the error, not AyaNova.

If you encounter the same issue, suggested troubleshooting steps are:

  1. Do of course, first confirm what the default email client is set to in Outlook AND in IE

  2. See if the following is helpful in your situation:

  3. See if the following is helpful in your situation (general MAPI problem steps to resolve):

  4. Another possible solution that has been posted on the internet about this MAPI issue is that MAPI32.DLL could be corrupted or wrong version from different versions having been installed

  5. Another suggestion for troubleshooting, is to set up another email program (i.e. Thunderbird) on your computer:

    for example, download and install thunderbird from (64bit is available )
    set that as your default email program
    and then try and see if resolved.
    And if now able to successfully get the message body with the attachment when using Thunderbird, reset back to Outlook as the default, reboot, and try again - just to see if somehow “resetting” fixes.

These are solutions that worked for others that have been posted on the internet. If you do resolve, do post what worked in your situation.num

This same issue was experienced by another service company using AyaNova.

The issue was resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling Microsoft Office as something internally wasn’t recognizing outlook as the default email.

If the above 5 suggestions do not resolve:

  1. Uninstall MS Office completely. Reboot. Install again. Reboot. Try the steps again to see if now resolved.

Wanted to post here for the benefit of anyone else experiencing this issue.
A service company using AyaNova experienced the error message (the error description associated with a failed Service log) “Object is not valid and can not be saved” trying to load the network AyaNova Generator.
They also were experiencing an issue having their Outlook 2007 load when emailing a report via the Print Preview.
In this company’s situation, they noticed that the .NET 4.x complement language pack was not installed, and installed it.
Once installed, restarted the Generator service which worked, and tested emailing via Print Preview then worked too!!

If the above 6 suggestions do not resolve:

  1. this error may be a result of something wrong with the .NET 4.x Framework. Reinstalling or installing a component of the .NET 4.x Framework may resolve