Anyone switch from PeachTree to QB?

Phil here, Production Manager for small-mid Texas HVAC/Electrical Sales & Service Co.
Looking for Service Management software that will work for us BUT we use PeachTree
Accounting and it looks like almost all SM softwares just do waay more with QB.

Was curious if anyone here in the Forum, using AyaNova, had switched from PeachTree
to QB and seen obvious gains in process efficiency related to your Accounting.

All Feedback appreciated.



I work for a fairly large compressor distributor here in CO, and I can tell you without a doubt that switching from Peachtree to QB is a life saver. QB is simply so much more user friendly and easy to get along with. The switch, in conjunction with Aya Nova has indeed improved our efficiency. The only thing that took the longest to do was the mapping and importing process. Because nearly half of everything that comes from Peachtree into QB has to be re-done, the importing and linking with QBI took some time, but once it was up and running, it was like a breath of fresh air to us. We love it and if your thinking of switching to QB or have already done so, I would definately recommend QBI to you.

Kind regards,