ARAS and Blackberry

Through efforts with our Information Technology Representative, we are working through trying to get the ARAS to work with a Blackberry. The Blackberry has an HTML internet browser and can accessany standard web page. When we try to access the ARASaddress (which we can reach with a desktop PC), we’re not successful. The server is approx 1000 miles from the desktop. And the desktop is successful each time.

Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Getting this to work would answer one of the two remaining questions prior to implementing this throughout our company.

Thanks in advance

What model is the Blackberry?

What operating system and version is it using?

What is the web browser and version it is using? There are hundreds of possible web browsers that may be used with Blackberry - please identify what you are using as possibly the reason.

Provide the URL path and port number (i.e of your trial ARAS set up (you can private message it via Control Panel when logged into the forum if desired)

Turns out it was a user error on my part. My blackberry has both an internet explorer browser and a WAP browser. I was using the internet explorer browser. As soon as I used the WAP browser everything was resolved.