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I did search, and didn’t really find anything… so here it goes: Is it possible to create an asset tag for equipment checked into the shop? Just a barcode, serial number and company info or a logo… and print it on a Dymo type label printer? THEN… when the item returns for service, scan that barcode, bring up the unit, check service history and even create a new quote or service order … is this possible?

Hi JBachman

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Certainly you can do this. AyaNova, as any other software, just accepts what the bar code reads as if it was entered by a keyboard. A bar code reader is used to save time typing or selecting from a drop down selection list, as well as to ensure that what is scanned is what is actually entered or selected.

Create a label report template from the Unit’s grid or the Unit entry screen that displays what you want to display - i.e. the serial number, the model, the serial number as a barcode, etc.
Create the unit with its serial number etc
Print the label for this unit and stick it onto the unit
When the unit is returned for service, select the Unit selection field in the service workorder item with your mouse, and scan the barcode so that its just like as if you were typing in the serial number of the unit for selection.
I would suggest trying it out, till you get the barcode how you want it, and that it matches your unit display format (i.e. serial number listed first if barcode shows your serial number)

The tutorial How do I ...? > Use Barcodes in a report template provides a walk through example of use of barcodes in a report. Do follow that to become familiar.
As the Label Wizard does not provide presets for a Dymo type label printer, what you will want to do is pick something close in size as your labels used by this printer, and then manually modify such as was done with the example at forum topic Using-the-Label-Wizard-when-your-brand-and-model-is-not-listed (search for label wizard)

  • Joyce

Unfortunately this option will not work for me. You see, I have asset tags I use that are pre-printed. There would need to be an input field within the “Unit” screen in which to scan in the asset tag number. Perhaps adding a field labeled “Asset Code” or “Unit Code” would be in order that is also searchable the same way as if I were searching for a unit via the serial number. I realize my previous post indicated I wanted to use the serial number, however, that was not what I meant.


Or better yet, perhaps in a future revision the the software, a system generated, unique identifier would be created for all units created. That unique identifier could then be used as an asset tag or whatever the user deemed appropriate. I used software in a retail repair shop that used some letters from the customer’s name and some numbers to auto generate a customer account number for all new customers entered into the system. Just a thought.


Hi Josh

Most units are identified by their unique serial number - which is what the AyaNova Unit entry screen and selection is based on.

But I believe what you are saying is that these “pre-printed asset tags” already have a unique number that you want to use to identify the unit?

If so, then just use that as the unit’s “serial number”. Remember with AyaNova, just because the field is called “serial number” doesn’t mean that you can not instead enter the asset tag number instead. And if you want the field to be called “asset tag” just create a custom locale that instead uses that rather then the label “serial number”.

And as per my previous post, AyaNova, as any other software, just accepts what the bar code reads as if it was entered by a keyboard. So use your barcode reader to read the asset tag - place your cursor in the Serial Number field and scan the asset tag’s barcode so that it “types” into that field the preprinted asset number. Just a suggestion.

Any text field can be whether you enter this, just in my mind I would think for ease of selection etc, enter it in the serial number field.

Just a suggestion for now.

  • Joyce

This is exactly what I need to do as well - I have preprinted labels we place on all machines. This label is kind of key for us in terms of looking stuff up and it is lots easier for a customer to find than the serial number on their equipment in most cases. Is it possible to have this label and serial number both be unique keys to search on?

Hi Bitworks

The field default labeled “Serial Number” in the Unit entry screen is the unique identifying field. You could certainly combine the two - as in, enter the preprinted number AND the unit’s serial number into this field for ease of selection and for searching.

Also check out the Tips section which gives a number of different ways of how you can create a workorder for a unit including using the Client Finder to easily bring up the correct client for the workorder, as well as the Search Database feature of AyaNova.

  • Joyce