Assistance to create the Client Import CSV file

Hi -

I’ve been trying to create the Client Import file & am having some difficulties. As directed, I originally started out with an Excel file & once ready brought it into Access to create the CSV file. Once exported, I bought it into Notepad to ensure all the ,"", were in place and resaved the file. The file is a .txt & AyaNova doesn’t recognize it as a valid import file.

In the manual, there is the opportunity to send in our file & have it converted properly. Please advise how I may do so.

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Hi Gladys

When you are done checking the file in NotePad, exit out of NotePad, and then just rename the extension from .txt to .csv

Now when you run the Import Client utility, you will be able to open the file because it will be a CSV file

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce -

That was my first attempt too, however the import didn’t seem to recognize it. Will try again & let you know.

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Hi Joyce -

I’m not sure what changed, but I went back & renamed the file & it seems to be loading just fine.

Thanks a bunch-


I am happy to advise this entire issue has been resolved & the import completed without any additional grief.

Thanks for all your assistance over the last number of months.