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I am going to try and explain this the best I can and I am positive there will not be enough information as I never provide enough information. I hosed my database trying to get PTI to work. This is frustrating. I am thinking that my only recourse will be to scrap the entire install and start from scratch. New DB and all. Yet I will push forward. I was running an earlier version of Ayanova 7 than 7.2.#. I have been having this plaguing PTI issue on 2 machines working with Ayanova 7 and Peachtree Quantum 2012… When trying to launch PTI it would give me a “CLSID” error and crash. I was okay with this for now since I installed the PTI last year 9/2011-ish. Figured Ayanova had just not caught up to 2012 yet and it was working on 1 machine. SO I said screw it for now. Well my supervisor and the gal that runs parts for the techs have had enough of having to track me, the lone I.T. guy and MSP Tech for our customers, down to import the parts across so they wanted it fixed. This is where my misery begins. I find these forums and do a quick scan for PTI.
I came to this post: PTI-and-Peachtree-2012

So I red it and say wow my error is listed and all I need to do is grab the updated executable and re-install the PTI. I was like Hell Yeah something finally easy. I was wrong. I downloaded the AyanovaSetup.exe from the download page and tested it on the networked machine running windows 7 first. I logged out of Ayanova and ran the update. All went snappy. It did give me the config.txt missing error which I ignored since I was linking the same DB as prior. I clicked on finish and fired up Ayanova 7. Right off I noticed what was red-ish was now blue lettering. I was like “ummmmm…whatever” and logged in. All was great. Since I shutdown the computer running the 1 working version of PTI, I fired up the PTI add-on. Oh hell yeah no CLSID error. It synced and connected the company file and all looked well. Life was good. Then stuff happened. I went to log back into Ayanova 7 as “admin” on my desktop. I get a weird error on launch.

PLUGINS - Error loading plugins @ 1/27/2012 9:59:21 AM

PLUGINS - failed to load: C:\Program Files (x86)\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNova\plugins\ImportExportCSV\AyaNova.PlugIn.ImportExportCSV.dll
Unable to load one or more of the requested types. Retrieve the LoaderExceptions property for more information.


Key not found
Parameter name: key

I hit ignore…

No PTI add-on found. I was like “shat”. Then the gal that does parts logs in and get the Key not found error. She freaks out. I am like get out and log back in. She tries it. Again bammo. I did notice she was logging in as Admin though which is weird since she already had an Admin level account listed as an admin user. She gave some weak excuse and was backed up by my supervisor. I pick and choose my battles so no lecturing please. So I then posted this thread: PTI-7-and-Ayanova-7-2-quot-missing-key-quot-on-XP .

The message that user is getting on log in is usually because that user was still logged in when your AyaNova database was upgraded to the latest version - someone upgraded the AyaNova database while this AyaNova user was still logged in on another computer.
You can confirm if this is the issue by logging in as that same AyaNova user on any of the other computers. If the message follows the AyaNova user logged in, that is why.

The message is not related to PTI in any way.

What you would need to do is:

Ensure everyone out of AyaNova, and no AyaNova related programs running
Restore from the backup of the previous version of AyaNova (i.e. 7.0.4) that you made prior to upgrading
On one computer only, run AyaNova 7.2 which will upgrade the database and all the data
Now users can log in that also have 7.2 installed.

I never backed up the DB before applying the new .exe off the site to re-install PTI to fix the failing PTI on one machine. In the original PTI fix post there was no mentioning of logging everyone out of the DB nor the DB being updated at the same time. I assumed it was a PTI fix. Same DB same everything just new PTI link. I now no I was wrong. Does anyone have ideas on how to proceed with this as all users are pretty much hosed except my personal account and the “tech” account we use to put Ayanova schedule on a large screen in the tech area. Other than that the other 3 scheduled users and the main Admin account which seems cannot be deleted are hosed. Thanks for any input in advance.


This is very odd.
I have gone back through our email correspondence with your company, and back in August your company was experiencing a PTI issue that has not been experienced by anyone else so I requested specific details so that I could help, but did not receive what was specifically asked for and my emails checking back did not receive a reply;
Then again in September received that your company was experiencing a different PTI issue, again I replied listing what specific details to provide so that I could help and oddly again never heard back.
The PTI forum post you pointed to was posted back in July and was about compatiblity with Peachtree 2012, which was not any part of what the issue was that you emailed about in August or July.

First you want to stop. If ever an issue - stop. Make sure what you are doing isn’t going to cause further issues.

All the issues stem from upgrading one station to a newer version without following the upgrade steps that is identified step by step in the email notification sent out to you.

Update steps are outlined for your configuration in the AyaNova Help documentation.

If you did not follow the upgrade steps as per the URL link in the email notification sent out to you, what you will need to do is restore from the most recent backup you do have such as your backup from the previous night, as you would be backing up your data on a regular basis.

As per the other forum post, what you will need to do is:
[li]Ensure everyone out of AyaNova, and no AyaNova related programs running[/li][li]Restore from your most recent backup of your AyaNova database from before you half updated. (refer to the backup and restore steps for your specific configuration - if any questions on this, do be sure to provide what your configuration is such as networked Firebird, or SQL Express 2008 or ?)[/li][li]On one computer only, run AyaNova 7.2 which will correctly and successfully upgrade the newly restored database and all your data[/li][li]Now users can log in that also have 7.2 installed. [/li][/ul]

As you can not have different versions of AyaNova programs running at the same time, now you can resolve the ImportExportCSV issue by selecting to install the 7.2 version ImportExportCSV so you do not get the error that lets you know you are attempting to load an older version of the ImportExportCSV utility.


This is not a rant to blame anything. More just like a vent about issues. I think what I want to do is Start a fresh database knowing what I know now after being hands on this program for a bit. I will create it to he specs exactly. I will prolly house it on its own server also as to not disrupt the flow of Ayanova. The install was pretty straight forward, but I had import errors right away within the inventory side. I will do a better job at breaking out my service side parts from the rest of the company inventory. This should cut my inventory “overhead” by a million items. I will report back as I load it this weekend if I have issues on Monday.

One big question is what would be the easiest way to “export” the data out of the clients, units, and work-order areas of the current database?


The no charge ImportExportCSV plugin utility can be used to export clients, parts and/or units records to a CSV file, and import.

Refer to the AyaNova 7 online Help documentation Optional Add-ons section starting with for details on installing and use.

We do not have a utility to export or import workorders.

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Is there a way I can delete our old scheduable users and create new users? That would clear up some of the issues for now.


To ensure no lost links between historical data, you can not delete scheduleable users once have been assigned and selected in workorders, etc.

Instead what you do is set them to inactive which frees up the licenses to create new active scheduleable users.

Refer to the forum topic How-to-set-a-Schedulable-User-inactive-to-free-up-a-license for specific steps to do this, especially if you get a message attempting to set a schduleable user to inactive.


Is there a way I can recreate the “main” admin account? It is the only one that can re-open closed work orders right?

Correct - only the AyaNova Administrator account can uncheck the Closed field in a service workorder.

The AyaNova Administrator user account can not be created or deleted. You can change the displayed name, the login name and password, and the Default Language (locale) used of the AyaNova Administrator.

When you erase the AyaNova database as per , the AyaNova Administrator account is NOT erased.

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So…Our database has been borked by me trying to fix the PTI issue and there is no way to get the accounts that were logged in fixed without either restoring to a “before bad thing happening” date or restarting the database and manually entering the old work order info? Am I tracking this correctly?

I am quite concerned that more days have gone by since how to resolve this was posted. The more days, the more entries have to be re-entered after restoring from backup.

  • Joyce

The last backup was long ago enough that the number of entries really is not that bad. Chalk it up to a learning experience. Also this is just one thing I help with. Customer’s IT issues come before in-house. That is just life here.

Thank you for your time Joyce.

Development has asked me to pass onto you two other possible solutions. They are “possible” because we had provided these same steps to another company for a previous update, but they said the steps didn’t resolve the error. Unfortunately we couldn’t confirm what exactly was done, if the steps were followed, so I do encourage you to try just in case:

Make sure EVERYONE out of AyaNova
Log in as the AyaNova Administrator - confirm that no error message Key not found Parameter name:key occurs for the AyaNova Administrator. If it does - stop, this is definitely not going to work as relies on that the AyaNova Administrator was successfully updated already.
Move to the Users grid in the Administration navigation pane.
Open the first user’s entry screen that is getting the error.
Click on Clear all user’s form customizations.
Save and exit.
Continue doing for all users that received the error message.
Exit out.
Still with everyone else out, log in as the first user that had previously received the error. Does the error still occur? If not, yeah! If it does, then continue to the next user confirming who still gets the error and who doesn’t.

For those that continue to receive the error, again make sure NO ONE else is running AyaNova.
Run the AyaNova program bringing up the login screen.
Enter in the user's name and password (the user that is getting the Key not found  Parameter name:key error on login) BUT make sure to hold down the SHIFT key while pressing on the green login button. Continue to hold the SHIFT key until AyaNova is fully loaded.
If the error occurs, exit out of AyaNova, and repeat the same steps again. You may have to do this a few times for each user that was having the error.

Let me know the results.

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