attaching additional files to ayanova

We want to use the software to track service calls Labor time. Store the Customer data,machine data ,serial numbers, alarm data and solutions. We also want to be able to attach procedures to help in the future forservice peopleto access ,to speed the repair process. The procedures are factory documents that are sent to us in PDF, Word or Excell . Where can i attach them ontheAnynova document???

Tim Cunningham Marukausa

Hello Tim

AyaNova CE does not have a document attachment feature.

This is a feature that isin the next generation AyaNova - refer to the features of AyaNova v3 at

A suggestion for access with AyaNova CE(if the document is text) so that users can bring up the procedure while in AyaNova: dir=ltr " ">

  1. Create a client called “Procedures” or Knowledgebase" or your company name (for example)

  2. Create a quick format workorder for this new client

  3. Copy the contents of the text document in to the Labor Details field and close the quick format workorder.

  4. Run the indexing feature via File -> Database Utilities to index all entered information

  5. Utilize the Search screen - perhaps entering as a search term of the equipment name as identified in the text that you copied. This will bring up a list of records where this search term appears entered as text.

  6. Double-click on the record you want to display a brief screen to determine if this is what you want to view

  7. Select Edit to bring up the actual quick format workorder where you copied the text from the procedures.

As above, document attachment (PDF, Word, Excel and many other formats) is a feature that will be available in AyaNova v3

Thank you for your reply it seems the next gen is more suited to our needs. The files we would be attaching PDF, word require japanese language support so to copy and paste isn’t possible i think. we have purchased 3 licenses in the CE format will these be upgraded or require a new subscription.

Tim Cunningham

AyaNova CE is in use around the world, including by Japanese and Korean users

AyaNova CE utilizes your Windows operating system regional settings for date, time, currency and language display.

Check in the Control Panel -> Regional Settings for the language setting for your computers and ensure Japanese is selected and then copy the contents of a document into a quick format workorder Labor Details field.

AyaNova CE users will be eligible to upgrade their licenses to the next generation version at a discount, or if purchased after October 15 2005 will be upgraded at no charge. We invite you to review the AyaNova v3 section of this forum for next generation AyaNova information.