**Australian/NZ QB 2008/2009 compatiblity with special release QBI 4.1.6**


  1. NOTE: in Step #1.d of the QBI Installation steps do not install QBFC5 before installing QBI, instead download QBFC7_installer file QBFC7_0Installer.exe and install the QBFC7 if want to use this Australian compatible QBI

  2. Continue with the QBI installation steps as per Step #2 of the QBI Installation steps

  3. Before running QBI, download the Australian QBI exectuable file 4.2AU_ONLY_AyaNovaQBI.zip

  4. Open Windows Explorer, and move to the AyaNova program folder C:\Program Files\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNova

  5. Delete the AyaNovaQBI.exe file that was installed to the AyaNova program folder

  6. Use WinZip to extract the AyaNovaQBI.exe file from the zip file you downloaded into this folder

  7. Now continue on with setting up QBI Preferences and using it.

If you encounter an issue, be sure to provide details:

what country and version of QuickBooks are you using
what is the version number for AyaNovaQBI.exe (right-click on the file, select Properties, select Version)
Full text of any error message
exact at what point does the error occur
Do note you must be using AyaNova and you must be using Aus/NZ QuickBooks 2008/2009

If you would like to try out the special release QBI for use with Australian/NZ QuickBooks 2008/2009, and you are presently licensed for AyaNova, first make sure you are using AyaNova, then email support@ayanova.com requesting a temporary keycode for AyaNova and its optional add-ons including QBI. Do include your registered company name and send via the registered email address if possible.

If you receive the following error message when you go to run this special AyaNovaQBI.exe:

Cannot create QBXMLRP2 COM component.
Error code: (HRESULT:0x80040308)


This error is because you are using an older version of Australian/New Zealand QuickBooks. This special QBI is compatible only with Australian/New Zealand QuickBooks 2008/2009, it can not be used with an older version of Australian/New Zealand QuickBooks. You can download a trial from Reckon at http://home.quicken.com.au/Pages/ProductDetails.aspx?pcode=25&pcatid=11