Auto Completing Fields

Is there a way to get iterating fields like “Item Summary” to auto fill with descriptions that have been used on this WO/Quote/PM so that they do not have to be retyped over and over. We service fire extinguishers and having to write “Fire Extinguisher Service” on 60+ lines (each one is a unit) is time consuming. Plus the auto fill would help keep errors down.


We would suggest using the template feature - where you create a template with pre-entered text and selections and save. When creating a new workorder, select the appropriate template.
See more for service workorder templates, for quote templates and for PM templates.

  • Joyce

Hello Joyce,

That is currently what we do… We have templates saved with say 20 lines, it is just when we get clients with say 200 units all of a sudden we do not want to use 10 pre-done WOs to speed things up. I would be nice if lines could almost ‘ghost’ what was written before if it matched what was being typed in the current line. I know this is likely a limit in Dev Express but do you think that it would be possible to write a script to get that done??


Hello Scott

Yes, possibly something could be custom created using an AyaScript as you say!
Please send directly to the following, and I would be happy to forward to development to provide you with an estimate to create custom for you:

[li]copy of your ayalog.txt file (so can confirm version of AyaNova in use)
[/li][li]identify which specific fields in a new workorder item record in the workorder item grid of the workorder, you want auto-filled with what specific info when the AyaScript is initiated. (If a selection field rather than a text field (i.e. Item Summary is a text field, whereas Workorder Item Status is a selection field) the exact spelling of actual selection would be needed too.)
[/li][li] screenshot example of existing workorder item record that has this same text and selections
[/li][li] any other details and aspects of this specific custom script you would like it to perform

  • Joyce