Auto generating scheduled users

I have Ayanova setup to automatically generate a monthly workorder on the 1st for all customers.We only want to have the one workorder to put everything on instead of 4 or 5 weekly ones every month for each customer.Since wego onsite every week on the same day and time, is there a way to setup the Scheduled User and the start date/time and stop date/time so that it auto generates? I don’t want to have to do this 4 or 5 times for every customer every month.

Hi Barney

I think what you mean is you want a workorder created that has more than one Item in it - each item having its own Scheduled User record for a different week of the month.

Take a look at the forum topic

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In the link it says:

‘In the first workorder item enter something like “1st week service” and in that workorder item create a Scheduled Users record with the Start Date same as the Next Service Date Sept 1 2008 8AM selecting the scheduled user and entering Stop Date of Sept 1 2008 9AM etc’

What will happen if I enter the 1st week PM Scheduled User Start date and Stop date as the Monday Sept 1st 2008 and set the desired day of the week to Wednesday? Will it show up on the schedule as Monday Sept 1st or Wednesday Sept 3rd?

PM’s generate based on the Service Date.

So the first service workorder will generate on the Service Date specified with the Scheduled Users records set as you initially specified

And than the PM will update itself for the next Service Date to be on a Wednesday if that was the specific day of the week you specified. And will also update the Scheduled Users start date accordingly in relation to the Service Date as well.

So for example if you first create a PM with a specific Service Date of Sept 1 2008 with desired day of the week as Wednesday and the Scheduled User also for Sept 1 2008 and have it set to generate once a month, than the first service workorder generated would have a Service Date of September 1st as will the Scheduled User record as that is what you specified.

And once the first workorder is generated, than the PM will be updated by itself to a month later on the closest Wednesday following October 1st as will the Scheduled User record

And the next month after that workorder is generated the PM will be updated by itself to a month later on the closed Wednesday following November 1st which would be November 5th 2008 as would the Scheduled User record’s Start date.

And so on.

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I’ll give it a try. Another problem I ran into is now that I’ve created the additional items, when I print out the workorder, it shows the Item summary listed for all 4 weeks. So it prints out the first week’s Item summary followed by the Service Details, then it goes back to the Item summary 3 more times for the additional 3 weeks that I haven’t gotten to yet since it’s still the 1st week. How can I prevent those additional 3 weeks from displaying in the print out?


A report template prints what its template has been set. If you have workorder item datafields, it will print all workorder items

What you could do is"tell" the report template in a script to only print based on something.

For example, you might create a script so that the workorder item band data only prints if the Workorder Item Status equates to certain text (that is one of your specific Workorder Item Statuses)

Or another example, you might create a script that if a certain fieldis empty, not to print. For example search for forum topics that include the words onbeforeprint script

If you would like me to do this for you, please provide that as outlined in the forum topic Custom-report-templates and I would be happy to provide a quote to do so.

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When I try the script I get the following error:

There are errors in the following script(s):
Detail2.OnBeforePrint, line2: error CS0117: ‘DevExpress.XtraReports.UI.DetailBand’ does not contain a definition for ‘GetCurrentColumnValue’

I made 2 changes:Detail2.GetCurrentColumnValue and also changedto b[/b] Here is what I have:

private void OnBeforePrint(object sender, System.Drawing.Printing.PrintEventArgs e)
{ string s=Convert.ToString(Detail2.GetCurrentColumnValue(“LT_WorkorderItem_Label_Summary”));


Please post report template support questions in the Report Templates section of this forum for support with report templates.
Reference this topic
Also attach a copy of your report template that you have the question about
And identify the field or band you placed the script in
And the error that you receive.

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