Automatic Population of Postal Address Fields

Is there a way to automatically populate the Postal Address Fields with the information contained within the Physical Address Fields?

Now that we have setup the QBI integration, we find that new clients that we enter, synchronise to Quickbooks linking Aya Nova’s Physical Address to Quickbooks’ “Ship To” adress fields. This is fine, except the majority of our clients will use the same address for both Physical/Postal & the corresponding Ship To/Invoice To in Quickbooks.

I am (now) aware of the shortcut button when creating a new client record in Aya Nova, to copy theinfo into the Postal Address section. However, most of our existing clients, don’t have data entered in the Postal Address unless they actually use different addresses. This is also an extra click that has to be done for virtually every client (& means we would have to check every invoice, just in case it was missed) - it would be better if there were an option to automically use the same information, except where a particular option was checked…

Thanks in advance,
Peter Lewis

Hi Peter

Yes, you can use the Copy to Postal Address menu option with existing AyaNova clients, as well as with new AyaNova clients. Open an existing AyaNova client, open the Physcial Address and select Copy to Postal Address.

AyaNova also has Copy to Physical Address menu option if you enter in only the postal address, and want this postal address also in the physical address.

Unfortunately, QuickBooks only has an option to copy the postal (Bill To) to physical (Ship To). So if only a Ship To address is entered in QuickBooks, you would need to manually enter the QuickBook’s Bill To address.

  • Joyce

QBI v3.3 and higher now includes the ability that if only one address is filled out in AyaNova, QBI will populate both Ship To and Bill To in QuickBooks with the address when the AyaNova client is imported into QuickBooks via QBI