Automatic Update between QB and Ayanova

I’'m using version 3 of Ayanova andI have the component to Sync QB data with Ayanova. But one of the things that I find lack of Ayanova is the way of updating client information from QB to Ayanova. Either is already possible and I’m missing something or is not available yet.

What I mean is, when I update address, phone or any information in QB, even if I run the QB addon it doesnt updat the client, I cannot delete it to re-add it because it says theres invoices or data already attached to the client. Is there anyway that when I update a client in QB that will update inside Ayanova?

QBI version 3.x does not have a feature to synchronize existing AyaNova clients with QuickBooks Client information. If the client already exists in both QuickBooks and AyaNova, than you manually enter the new information where needed.
Do note that QBI 3.x and AyaNova 3.x are an older version of AyaNova, which means you are missing out on the benefits of many new features.

Below is listed the new features in QBI 4.x - note the new feature that synchronizes part prices

ability to import AyaNova’s parts into QuickBooks via QBI
import AyaNova’s service rates into QuickBooks via QBI
import AyaNova’s travel rates into QuickBooks via QBI
QBI import of AyaNova client/vendor into/or from QuickBooks modified to reflect new contact information fields in AyaNova
Set Terms via Preferences so that when importing AyaNova clients into QuickBooks, the new imported QuickBooks client uses that set Terms so you do not have to edit the QuickBooks client after importing.
Ability to synchronize all linked AyaNova part prices with the price set in QuickBooks for the linked parts
Do note that we will be looking into adding the feature of synchronizing client data into the next release QBI 5.x which is estimated for release next year.

[FORUM UPDATE: QBI 6 does now have the feature to update client information - for example, see the QBI 6 Help documentation ]

  • Joyce