Automotive Detailing

Hello all,

Has anyone successfully adapted AyaNova for use in an Automotive Detailing or Service business…? Can it be? Instead of tracking equipment, can it track vehicles? Say by VIN number?

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Hi Josh

AyaNova is used around the world by many different service industries - any type of service you wish to manage and schedule, AyaNova will work for you.

You can customize a fair amount of AyaNova to fit your specific needs - some of the customizations available are listed in the Help documentation section starting with Customization of AyaNova > Localization - customize labels

As per those, you can customize what fields are labeled as; add additional custom fields to entry screens ; set what navigation pane panels on the left show; set what subsections of a workorder entry screen show; as well as customize report templates and create new!

And yes you can track vehicles in AyaNova!

Service workorders are created for a specific “client”, and you can also select within that service workorder one or more specific “units” that are “owned” by that client that you want to further identify for service history.

We just happen to call them “client” and “unit” - they can be whatever it is that you provide service for - and you can certainly label anything in AyaNova as something else, for example if you wish to label what is presently called Units as Vehicles

The Help section on localization How do I ...? > Create new custom locale using Localized Text Design will walk you through an example of relabeling so you can see this too!

Take a look through Feature Details > Clients > What do I use a Client for? and Feature Details > Units > What do I use a Unit for? for more info too

Do review those links I listed above, and then let me know anyting else I can help with

  • Joyce